Are we right for you

You make the rules. We make them work.

Our first rule is that you make the rules. We’ll step in as much or as little as you’d like. Our intentions are to support you, minimize chaos and keep the move running smoothly.

Here are answers to the questions we get most often.

Who decides what to take and what to leave?
You do. We’ll help by making a scaled floor plan of your new home so you
can see what you have room for.

What will happen to the rest of our  things?
We’ll help you sort through everything. You make the final decision about
what goes where. Then, we’ll take care of getting things distributed.

If you do the packing, how will I know where anything is?
We use a color-code system to make it clear to everyone what goes where.
Plus, we number every box and keep a clear list of what’s inside.

How do I know you’re not taking my things, selling them and keeping the money?
We will give you the money and receipts for anything we sell or donate.

Who sets the price if I want to sell something?
You do. If you don’t know an item’s value, we can call in a professional appraiser.

What if my kids disagree with what I’m doing?
Your house. Your rules. In our eyes, the person moving is the client. And what you say, goes. We’re there to support you. And if you’d like us to, we’re happy to mediate between you and your children.

Can you provide references?
Absolutely. You can see what some of our recent clients say about us right here on our site. In addition, managers of some of the best-run senior residences on the Peninsula will be happy to vouch for us. Ask, and we’ll be happy to give you their names and numbers to call.

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