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We are downsizing experts, and we know just how daunting and overwhelming moving can be. Especially for seniors! Our first job is to make it manageable. Learn More



Packing is not hard when you know what you are doing. And we are professionals. When moving out of a house, everything needs to be packed up whether you are keeping it or not. Learn More



We will help you choose the right moving company. On moving day we will be there to manage logistics, both in your old home and at your new residence. Learn More



As soon as the movers have finished moving all your furniture and boxes into your new residence, we will unpack and organize everything to make sure you feel at home from day one. Learn More

Pare Down

Pare Down

You may have spent a lifetime accumulating personal property assets, including antiques, collectables, general household items and a lot of other possessions. Even if you have a son or a daughter to help you, it can be difficult and overwhelming to figure out what to keep (and not to keep) when you transition to a new, smaller home.

Let us help you get organized.

Plan and Design

  • Develop a transition plan with key dates and deadlines
  • Draw a customized floor plan for your new home and help plan the new space
  • Design your new interiors so they are both attractive and familiar
  • Cherry-pick favorite furniture, lighting, art, and accessories to keep
  • Select colors, materials, finishes, and fabrics
  • Arrange for old furniture to be reupholstered

Downsize or Declutter

  • Sort through belongings and help decide what to keep and what to find a “new home” for
  • Identify what goes where, organize items and spaces
  • Arrange for distribution of unwanted items through auction, estate-sale, buy-out, consignment, donation, or a combination of the above
  • Arrange for shipments and storage
Pack Up

Pack Up

On The Move will ensure that each item is packed carefully and ready to go on moving day.

Pack with care

  • Provide moving boxes and supplies
  • Pack professionally
  • Mark each box with notes on room and content
  • Box up unwanted items for easy pick-up by charity, hauler, or new owner
  • Keep track of donations, valuables, and donation receipts
Move Out

Move Out

After you have moved out, we can have your old home emptied out in no time. We’ll even hand over the keys to your realtor, property manager, or the new owner.

Move with confidence

  • Interview, review estimates, and schedule moving company
  • Supervise and direct movers on moving day at both ends of move
  • Assist in filing change-of-address forms, cancelling your old utilities, and setting up your new ones

Clean up and clear out

  • Make sure all donations are delivered, recyclable materials properly recycled, compostable material composted, and all household hazardous material properly taken care of
  • Arrange for cleaning, painting, window washing, and smaller repairs

Our goal is to find “new homes” for all your unwanted items and have as little as possible end up in landfill.

Settle In

Settle In

If you are moving out of the Bay Area we can connect you with a NASMM colleague in the city you are moving to, so they can help you unpack and settle in. If you are moving to the Bay Area we can help you unpack on this end.

Unpack and Settle in

  • Unpack boxes, arrange furniture, and set up your new home
  • Organize closets, office space, book cases, kitchen, and bathroom cabinets
  • Connect phones and plug in lamps
  • Hang pictures
  • Make your bed for the first night

Moving into or out of the Bay Area

  • Team up with NASMM colleagues in the city you are moving to (or from) to coordinate all aspects of your move
  • Share floorplans, collaborate with moving and shipping professionals
  • Help fill in shipping and insurance paperwork